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In our online and physical store you can find at your disposalbest deals on Selene ceiling fansof the well-known brand of Fabrilamp lighting products. Fabrilamp is a Spanish company based in La Rinconada, 10km from Seville, which since 1990 has been dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of all types of lamps, fans, and large-scale lighting devices, always betting on the functionality, attractive design and satisfaction of the needs of people, and opting for the most affordable and economic prices of the market.

InAkuna Decor we are official distributors of Fabrilamp, so we havebest deals on Selene ceiling fansto fight in summer heat of the best and most comfortable way, and enjoy your holidays with all your loved ones in the best way possible.


ThemSelene fans for ceilingare the best resource for those summer heat nights, as they have 5 shovels and three speeds. They also come with a remote control and a light bulb to light your room in the best way.

Advantages of the Selene ceiling fan

  • 36w LED drop-down ceiling fan with remote control.
  • Diameter 107cm and height of 36cm. Measurements of the phone 55cm.
  • 3240lm LED plate and light temperature change.
  • Modern design with nickel finish and opal diffuser.

The best Selene ceiling fans from Fabrilamp

Can I save in summer using the fan?

In addition all our Selene fans for Fabrilamp roof come withLED bulb included in the price, so you will have great lighting and save money on the light bill.

In Akuna Decor you have ceiling fansdifferent finishesand materialsAlways betting for thelatest trends in design and decoration for your home.

Perfectly combined size and power

When the heat arrives and we decide to buy a cheap but quality ceiling fan, in addition to the design and finish, one of the most important aspects we should take into account is the diameter of the blades, which is suitable for the room where we will install it. Each Selene model will indicate its measure and with it we will know how many square meters maximum It can be our room.

TECHO selene

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