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In this category you can choose the type lamps you need. Here you will find lamps of ceiling, lamps standing, wall appliance, envelope lamps and much more, in all styles, finished and for all pockets. We are official distributors of the main brands lighting likeMantra” and “Schuller”. Select the lamp format you are looking for, and if you do not find yours, contact us by phone, email or chat and we will help you choose your custom lamp.



    <p style="text-align: left;">In this category you will find all kinds of <strong>ceiling lamps. Rustic lamps, classic lamps, forging lamps, modern lamps</strong> and design, in addition to a large selection of models <strong>lamps on offer</strong> of all styles and in different finishes to illuminate your home.</p>
    <p>Get a more practical and comfortable home with a <strong>Table lamp</strong> unique. In our online store we offer you <strong>Table lamps</strong> and <strong>envelope lamps</strong> in all styles to find the <strong>custom lighting</strong> for your home. Decorate with your lighting and choose the perfect lamps for your tables with which to create the best atmosphere at home.</p>
    <p>La <strong>standing lamp</strong> has become one of the essential elements for the <strong>lighting and decoration</strong> from your house. Its practical and elegant designs provide a lot of style to the rooms and allow you to create original homes with lots of personality. Discover our collection of <strong>standing lamps</strong> with unique designs, we have <strong>standing lamps</strong> of all kinds, <strong>standing lamps for living room</strong>, <strong>Modern standing lamps</strong>, <strong>cheap foot lamps</strong>etc.</p>
    <p>In this category you will find <strong>large-format lamps</strong> in all styles and finishes. <strong>Special lamps</strong> custom made for all types of business. We have <strong>lamps for hotels</strong>, <strong>lamps for rural houses</strong>, <strong>lamps for bars</strong>, <strong>lamps for commercial premises</strong>etc. Ask us for a budget without commitment.</p>
    <p>Them <strong>wall appliance</strong> a <strong>lighting</strong> personal to the rooms of your house creating warmth and comfort. Ideal to decorate with the <strong>lighting</strong>, the <strong>interior appliances</strong> they adapt to all types of spaces thanks to their variety of designs. We have <strong>modern wall appliance</strong>, <strong>classic wall appliance</strong>, <strong>rustic wall appliance</strong> and <strong>vintage wall appliance</strong>.</p>
    <p>In this category you can find all kinds of <strong>lighting for your terrace </strong>or<strong> lighting for your garden</strong>. <strong>Aluminum lamps</strong> or<strong>pvc lamps</strong> of different styles and finishes. All <strong>Dry lamps</strong> and prepared for outside. Tell us any doubt.</p>
    <p>Here you will find all kinds of <strong>Light bulbs,</strong> in all types of designs and finishes so that your <strong>Tables</strong>, <strong>sizes</strong> and <strong>waves</strong> They look the best way.</p>
    <p>Discover our great selection <strong>screens</strong> in different sizes and with the most modern and decorative fabrics. With them you can create your own <strong>custom lamps</strong>.</p>
    <p>If you need<strong>illuminate</strong> You <strong>work desk</strong> Or you <strong>study table</strong>, the <strong>flexos</strong> are the best choice for it. We've got <strong>Modern flexos</strong>, <strong>flexos led</strong>, <strong>design bends</strong>etc. Contact us and we will help you choose the <strong>flexo</strong> that best suits your taste.</p>
    <p>We present to you our extensive catalog <strong>offers in technical lighting</strong>, with its more than 1200 products that expand day by day, <strong>Akunadecor</strong> is leader in online sales <strong>LED luminaires</strong> professionals ideal for offices, restaurants, shopping centers, industrial ships, etc. We give solution to your projects <strong>LED lighting</strong> with our wide range of products such as <strong>focus</strong> and <strong>lanes</strong>, <strong>downlight led</strong>, <strong>exterior projectors</strong>, <strong>Industrial bells</strong>etc.</p>
    <p>Our lights are Ideal for the<strong>Christmas decoration</strong>, wrap it up to the redeemer of your Christmas tree, put it into decorative glass bottles in different sizes, or hang it on the wall, on the outline of your pictures or pictures, it will look spectacular.</p><p>You can also join other ornaments to give them a somewhat special touch.</p><p>Place natural branches in any corner and hang the lucecitas, remain very original and provide greater comfort and warmth to the stay.</p><p>Transform any stay giving you a fresh and welcoming air with our Christmas lighting, all kinds of light that will be an indispensable tool in the<strong>decoration of your home</strong>for these dates.</p><p>At AkunaDecor we are to help you, if you do not find what you are looking for or have any doubt, contact us and <strong>We'll be happy to attend to you.</strong></p>
    <p>Light your bathroom with our range of spotlights, scrubs, phones and mirrors.</p><p>Find here the light you need and get the most out of it.</p><p>If you want to renew your bathroom lamps or you just bought a house and want to decorate it to your liking, you will find the best offers in AkunaDecor.</p>

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