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Ceiling fans


Here you can find the largest catalog ceiling fans, fans with light, Lightless ceiling fans, Remote control ceiling fans, fans of all finishes and sizes. All with 2 years warranty and all pockets. I'm sure you find yours.



  • Ceiling fans
    <p>Combining light and air to get a good home environment is possible thanks to <strong>ceiling fans</strong> with remote control or DC motor. In AkunaDecor we have a wide variety of <strong>ceiling fan models</strong> so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Discover our wide collection and our best offers. .</p>
  • Wall fans
    <p><strong>Wall vents</strong> for rooms and spacious spaces where the conventional would not result. Find the <strong>fan</strong> that best suits the conditions of your home in our spacious <strong>fan catalog</strong>.</p>
  • Standing fans
    <p>Find the <strong>standing fan</strong> perfect for your home between our wide variety of designs and finishes. Renew the air of your home and get a <strong>Cool</strong> all year.</p>
  • On top fans
    <p>Find the <strong>fan on top</strong> that best suits your home to create a comfortable and practical space. Them <strong>on top fans</strong> allow you to refresh the room with a cleaner and safer air than that of the appliances <strong>Air conditioning</strong>keeping children free of colds and with a much more pleasant atmosphere in their bedroom.</p>
  • Accessories for fans
    <p>Within this category you will find all kinds of <strong>accessories for fans</strong>, <strong>diffusers</strong>, <strong>Command kits</strong>, <strong>regulators</strong>, <strong>chains</strong>, <strong>Light kits</strong>etc.</p>

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