Bayomo ceiling fans

In our online shop you can findBayomo ceiling fans at the best price.

Thanks to our conditiondistributor, in Akuna DecorWe havebest deals on Bayomo ceiling fansto fight in summer heat of the best and most comfortable way, and enjoy your holidays with all your loved ones.


ThemBayomo fans for ceilingare the best resource for those nights and days of intense heat in summer, as they have various shovels and speeds. In addition, the Bayomo models of ceiling fans are manufactured by the prestigious Fabrilamp brand, based in La Rinconada since 1990.

Advantages of the Bayomo ceiling fan

The ceiling fans, once the summer is over, tend to look like a simple decorative lamp, but with the Bayomo ceiling fans this will not happen due to its utility as an illuminator in your room. Both fan models have 6 speeds with very low electric consumption.

Bayomo fans are manufactured with the best materials on the market, metal, polycarbonate, metacrilate and LED technology, as they are the perfect connection between technology, price and quality. If you buy a Bayomo fan you will never regret.

Best Bayomo ceiling fans

I'm interested.

I'm interested.

Saving in summer with the fan?

Yeah, it's possible with the Bayomo fans. These Bayomo fans come with aLED bulb, so you will have the best lighting and save a few euros on the light bill, with which you can go out and enjoy with your loved ones of some whim you want.

In Akuna Decor you have ceiling fansvarious finishes,and materialsAlways betting for thelatest trends in design and decoration for your home.

Perfectly combined size and power

When the heat arrives and we decide to buy a low cost ceiling fan, cheap, but of quality, in addition to a good design and finish, one of the most important aspects we should take into account is the diameter of the blades.

The diameter of the blades will determine the capacity in square meters of that fan. The Bayomo model has amedium sizeSo, at first, we could adapt it to any kind of room, as long as it's not too big. This is why, if we add the quality and excellent features of the offer,Bayomo ceiling fans are number 1of his category.


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